This course surveys the musical activities both historic and current in Paris and Versailles.In Paris, our class will conduct on-site lectures and discussions of the musical activities on the right and left bank of the river Seine. The course explores the music associated with this great city, as well as the popular/traditional music associated with the neighborhoods of Les Halles, the Marais, the Latin Quarter, and Montmartre.A trip to Versailles examines the music of the ancien régime as well as the political culture reflected in the architecture, gardens, and fountains of this stately home. The course culminates into a final project (research paper/photo essay) in which students are required to explore the city of Paris, finding clues that will help answer a specific research query into the life of a chosen composer or musician/performer.Every Monday blue-book exams are given over the material of the preceding week, so you are are expected to attend every class session and activity.In addition, every week the class attends at least one live concert (see attached schedule) and enjoys "haute cuisine” together at one of the many restaurants throughout Paris.